Developers are looking for a specific sort of expertise. Whether you've been doing this for a while or you're new to the game, you'll still need confirmation of your assumptions regarding the most current zoning and building codes and design trends. You may be looking to do a renovation or addition to an existing building, or to build something new. Either way, you want professionals you can trust, with a reliable team backing them up. 

We can help you determine whether your proposed ideas are feasible and are permitted by Zoning regulations. We can evaluate the basic structural condition of an existing building, or help you determine the maximum use of a vacant parcel.

After the basics are figured out, we'll work with you to design a project that fulfills your goals, from the overall siting and internal layout to complete interior design selections, so that you can be sure that your project will feel unified, inside and out.

Of course, there are lots of other experts who might need to be involved. We can help you identify the appropriate engineers, attorneys, and contractors to help you achieve your goals, and part of our job is to synthesize the input from all these professionals and present you with one coherent picture of the overall project.


Pre-Purchase Services

We can help you evaluate a property before you buy it. By doing basic code research and a site visit, we can help you identify a building or site's potential advantages and disadvantages.

The Design Process

During design, we lead you from rough assumptions to a fully-considered design. We'll explore several options to determine the best path forward. As we're working through the overall project layout, we can also help you with full-service interior design, making sure that the final materials, colors, and fixtures will coincide with the style and quality buyers are looking for.

Also during this time, we bring in other professionals as needed so we can present you with a fully-coordinated, complete design. And maybe best of all--we will take care of the zoning and building permits for you, which means no more waiting in line at L&I.

For a fuller explanation of this process, you can download this article.


Though you might think that the architect's job is finished after design, the architect actually plays a crucial role during construction. We act as a second set of eyes on the project, protecting the overall vision as the project goes from drawings and specifications to physical form. When working in the close quarters of an existing building, surprises inevitably come up, and we are there to help deal with them as they occur. We visit the site as work progresses, answering questions as needed. At the end of the project, we walk through to get one last look and resolve any outstanding issues.