Create. Transform. Renew.

We are a multidisciplinary firm focused on delivering results that go beyond what our clients expect.  We are collaborators who help clients design and build their best. Our work unites sustainability and technology with a keen eye on history. We’re problem solvers and we love talking architecture.

Toner Architects was founded with one singular goal in mind; collaborate with clients who enjoy the process of design, architecture, and building.

We ask a lot of questions – and then we dig for the “why” behind those answers. Understanding what motivated your project is important for project success.  We all want to be pulling in the same direction — together.

We’re based in Philadelphia, where the city is growing, opportunities are everywhere, and design and community are growing influences. We’re always looking for a new collaborator, whether to design for or to design with, so we invite you to get to know us better.

Working with Toner:
Five Things You Can Expect

1. We hang our hats on partnership.

Our team never works in silos. Every project starts with conversations to help us understand our clients’ needs and goals. We will have lots of questions, but mostly, we listen to you. This approach means we don’t have – or seek – a “style.”

2. We understand and love Philadelphia.

We could go on and on (and often do) about everything we enjoy about working in the Philadelphia region. The grit, the charm, the people, and – of course – the city’s incredibly diverse architecture. We know the industry players, and we’re experts in the local nuances of zoning, planning and permitting. 

3. We keep it personal, honest and cost-effective.

We offer our clients the best of both worlds – the expertise and capabilities of a larger firm, with the personal, flexible service you want from a close partner.

4. Details that matter. Impressions that last.

The right details can transform how a space feels, looks — and functions. We bring dozens of details together to help you achieve unforgettable first impressions but also lasting ones that have enduring appeal and value.

5. “We get sh*t done.”

During a team meeting, we asked “what makes Toner unique or special?” One member – a project manager – immediately responded “We get sh•t done!”  We all smiled at the brashness of his answer – while nodding in agreement that it was an accurate summation. So, we’re quoting him.



Contact us to discuss your project, ask us questions and get to know us. 

We’re a versatile firm working in a variety of capacities for a variety of clients. For private clients, we’re patient and thorough in crafting a new home. For commercial clients in the building community, we’re a force-multiplier in the Philadelphia region and in the city in-particular. In short, we’re here to collaborate with you. We’ll bring our best!