Whether you’re just starting out with your first location, or are looking to expand your company, if you’re in need of a design for a new office or addition or need to refresh your current one, we can help.

We offer a full range of design services, including pre-purchase evaluations, building master planning, zoning, programming, space planning, permit drawings, interior design, and furniture selection. Our talented team has experience in a variety of sectors, including aviation and transportation, civic and cultural, commercial, education, entertainment, government, healthcare, hospitality, preservation, recreation, residential, restaurant and food service, retail, and workplace design.

Of course, there are lots of other experts who might be involved in a project in addition to our team. We can help you identify the right engineers, consultants, attorneys, cost estimators, and contractors to help you achieve your goals, and part of our job is to synthesize the input from all these professionals and present you with one coherent picture of the overall project.

How do you begin your project? How do you know what services will be needed? The design and construction process is multi-faceted. Each project has a truly unique set of requirements. Our first step is to sit down with you to understand what your end intent is for the building or space. From there we outline a project plan to determine which specific services will be needed and what type of project delivery is a good fit for the project.

Pre-DESIGN Services

Maybe you have the perfect business concept but have not found the perfect space. Or maybe you’re not quite sure what your needs are yet; for example, how many offices or conference rooms you will need. We offer a range of pre-design services that can help you answer some of these initial questions.

We can help you evaluate a space before you lease or buy it. By doing basic code research and a site visit, we can help you identify a building or site's potential advantages and disadvantages.

In addition, we offer space programming and building master planning services. We can work with you and the end users of the space to determine how much space to allocate to the activities and functions that need to happen in your building.

The Design Process

During design, we will work with you and your team to incorporate project intentions and program into a working design. We'll explore several options to determine the best path forward. As we're working through the overall project layout, we can also help you with full-service interior design and furniture selection, making sure that the final materials, colors, and fixtures will coincide with your personal vision and company image.

Also during this time, we bring in other professionals as needed to deliver a complete project for you.


Though you might think that the architect's job is finished after design, the architect actually plays a crucial role during construction. During construction, we attend regularly-scheduled meetings and observe progress as the project goes from drawings to physical form. We do this to help see that the executed project meets the intent of the design that we’ve worked with you to develop. We keep the lines of communication open with the contractor and answer their questions as needed.

At the end of the project, we walk through with you to perform a “punch list” and make a plan with the contractor to resolve any outstanding issues. We want your project to look its best when you move in!