Machine Shop Boulangerie

Machine Shop Boulangerie – Artisan Breads & Pastries

Machine Shop Boulangerie is a small, artisan bakery that has evolved over time. Originally created to make bread and pastry for restaurants and cafes, Machine Shop now has a strong retail presence as well.

In the beginning, we worked with founders Katie Lynch and Emily Riddell to transform a former metalworking shop into a serious baking space.

The shop is located in the Bok building, a former technical high school that has been converted to workshops, offices, and retail uses. The space for the bakery had some challenges in terms of plumbing, layout, and overhead obstructions, but in the end it gave this fledgling business the room it needed to grow and develop its reputation.

IMG 8856 Edited.jpg

The original space had to be efficient to fit all the required equipment.

IMG 8865

The original space was basic, but functional.

IMG 8863.JPG

The team at work.

The Next Step

After five years in the original space (and the amicable separation of the founders), Machine Shop was ready to expand and include retail operations. We worked with the client and building management to help them move to a larger, more prominent space. The new space includes a service counter with large windows into the working bakery space, so customers can see where their delicious treats are made. The bakery also takes advantage of ample seating space in the building’s former auto mechanics’ shop.

Project Size: 690 sf (original space), 950 sf (new bakery) + 1,140 sf (service and seating)
Program: Original project: small bakery for startup business. Second project: large bakery serving walk-in retail as well as wholesale orders

Machine Shop Image 1

In the new space, the service counter has an inviting look, and the windows allow a view into the working bakery.

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Ample seating enhances the visitor experience.

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