Chhaya Café – Commercial Conversion

Chaya Cafe – Fulfilling the needs of every customer through “zones.”

Chhaya Cafe was a beloved neighborhood spot where customers could look forward to an intimate and warm setting. When they grew out of their old space on East Passyunk Avenue in Philadelphia, they hired us to design a space just as cozy, but with space to grow. Our layout took this former children’s clothing store and created different zones in the plan so that customers with varying needs–brunch seating, bar-style internet surfing, or just grab-and-go coffee–would be comfortable. The larger space allowed Chef V to expand her menu, and Chhaya became the “place to be” for weekend brunch, weekday coffee meetings, and unique coffee options.

Project Size: 3,200 sf (2,000 sf main floor)
Program: convert an existing clothing store into a cafe, including various seating options, full kitchen, and support spaces

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Varied seating options creat a lively space.

A variety of zones organizes the space. Red is the coffee bar, blue is casual seating, and yellow is for full-service brunch seating.

Window seating

Custom floor-to-ceiling windows provide ample light at the front of the space.

New awning and window wall

View from the street.

Coffee bar and coffee counter

The coffee bar includes customer seating.

Chhaya Cafe

Outdoor seating is a good advertisement for what’s happening inside.

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