Eric Daelhousen, the owner of South Philly Smokhaus, originally came to us with an idea to open an authentic Texas-style barbecue restaurant in South Philadelphia. Unfortunately he had no building. We toured a few options together, and he ultimately chose to locate in the Bok Building in East Passyunk. The space was raw, having been the former auto body shop when Bok was an operating Technical School. We worked with Eric to bring his vision to life; “a place to talk, laugh, and eat”.

Part of the overall concept was to include the work of other businesses within the Bok building. Everything from the architecture and interior design to the tabletops, chandelier, and wall finishes were produced hyper-locally. SPS receives bread deliveries daily from the fourth floor, and photography is done in the building, as well. (You can read more about these companies on our blog.)

To continue the theme of inclusivity, even Eric’s butcher has a place. Passio Prime Meats has its own counter inside the restaurant, serving fresh cuts daily.