About Us
Toner Architects was founded 9 years ago by Ian Toner and was started as a sole proprietorship. Over the past several years we have grown to a team of 7 (hopefully 8 soon!). We work on a variety of project types and scales. About 80% of the work is residential and includes everything from single room renovations to third-floor additions, gut-renovations, new construction, single family residences, and apartment buildings (our largest to date is 38 units). The remaining 20% of our work is commercial, which includes city-scale mixed-use buildings, restaurants, industrial, and religious uses.

As part of the work listed above, we analyze relevant codes, design space, produce construction documents, perform on-site construction administration, develop interior designs, and deal with zoning, building, utilities, Streets Department, Historical Commission, and accessibility approvals. We work on projects from low-end budgets to high. Our projects vary in size, and so do our project deadlines. Some are very quick and will be completed in a day or two, while others may take weeks or months. Because of this, all of our team members are working on multiple projects at one time and it is essential for them to be able to multi-task. Everyone in the office is given the opportunity to design and present their ideas, and depending on the scale of the project one might lead a team, be a team member, or might work alone. We are a teaching office and currently have three university students working as designers. We strive to provide a comprehensive architectural experience for all staff, and we expect all team members to take an active role in this process.

Technology in the Office
Every team member is expected to be able to do every job and be able to work alone or on a team. We are utilizing various technologies to keep us organized and to help everyone know what is going on. Design work happens in Revit, which allows collaboration on projects. We use Slack and Workast to help us track project status and create our to-do list. We use Google Calendar for scheduling meetings, conference room use, project deadlines, and city permitting deadlines. We use Harvest for timekeeping. As a team, we start the week with a Monday-morning meeting where we discuss general office happenings; what went well or not so great from the previous week, the current week’s office schedule, office chores (which rotate every week), and any other items of interest. We also have weekly individual meetings with each staff member to go over the status of all the projects that they are responsible for. 

Team Building
We value long term relationships, especially with our team. As part of our Monday meetings there are individual opportunities to check in and make sure things are going smoothly. We occasionally have full team lunches out at our favorite restaurants, and monthly we all participate in “Beer and Blog” where we end the business day at 3:30 and contribute to the office blog while sipping on our favorite beverages. (You can see more here: http://www.tonerarch.com/blog/)

We also highly encourage professional development and have regular lunch-and-learns in the office, participate in juries for a variety of local universities, and attend AIA events and other architectural events, tours, and lectures around the city.

Bok Building
Our office is in the Bok Building, which was previously a Technical High School and now has been transformed into office and business spaces.  There are around 100 different business doing a variety of different things—a great group of people to collaborate with! The tenant mix includes two restaurants, a coffee shop, a fitness gym, a seasonal rooftop bar, woodworkers, glass blowers, muralists, a hair salon, a tattoo parlor, a chiropractor, a bakery, and a caterer to name a few. There are all sorts of events and happenings in the building including flea markets, monthly tenant happy hours, a running club, farmshare pickup, and a weekly tenants-only bake sale to name a few.

While we have a standard business dress code Monday - Thursday (which is outlined further in our employee handbook), we also have “Dress Down Fridays”.

We value our team’s opinions and insight and include everyone in our marketing and business development planning.

We have an ongoing office project called “Little City” where we use our projects’ façade designs and merge them into a new imaginary city block. We encourage everyone to make one block a year using whatever artistic style you please; these range from hand-rendered examples to collage to digital techniques.

Hopes and Dreams
We hope one day to write a book and participate in design competitions.

Employee Expectations
The job opening is for a full-time position, which is a minimum of 40 hours a week. We feel that a work-life balance is very important for a healthy work environment, and we try our best to keep everyone’s hours as close to 40 as possible (but of course there will be times that overtime is needed to meet deadlines). We offer flexible scheduling, meaning that if you need time off—for example to go to the doctor or go to your child’s dance recital—we can plan ahead to shift work hours around so that vacation time is not used.

As a potential job applicant, we hope this gives you some insight about who we are and how we work. If you feel like you would be a good fit for our team please send your cover letter, resume, and work examples to jobs@tonerarch.com. We look forward to hearing from you.