We know that design and construction can be intimidating and a bit overwhelming for most homeowners. When considering a project at your home, you probably have a lot of questions: Can we add a third floor? Can we add a bathroom? Can we build a roof deck? Can we expand out the back? What will the City let us do? Will we be able to adapt this house in the future? Do we have a big enough budget to do this? Who will design it, and who will build it? Our goal is to help you answer these questions.

We can help you determine whether your proposed ideas are feasible, affordable, and permitted by Zoning regulations. We will evaluate the basic structural condition of your home, and can plan where you can best maximize your space and your budget. And we can help you select just the right finishes, cabinets, countertops, and lighting fixtures to reflect your sense of style and make the space truly yours.

Of course, there are lots of other experts who might be involved in a project. We can help you identify the appropriate engineers, attorneys, and contractors to help you achieve your goals, and part of our job is to synthesize the input from all these professionals and present you with one coherent picture of the overall project.

Here are a couple of short videos to help you get to know us better:


Pre-Purchase Services

We can help you evaluate a property before you buy it. By doing basic code research and a site visit, we can help you identify a building or site's potential advantages and disadvantages.

The Design Process

During design, we lead you from vague ideas to a fully-considered project. We explore several options to determine the best path forward. As we're working through the overall project layout, we can also help you with full-service interior design, making sure that the final materials, colors, and fixtures match your sense of style.

Also during this time, we bring in other professionals as needed to deliver a complete project for you. For a fuller explanation of this process, you can download this article.


Though you might think that the architect's job is finished after design, the architect actually plays a crucial role during construction. During construction, we observe progress as the project goes from drawing to physical form, to help see that the executed project meets the intent of the design that we've worked with you to develop. When working in the close quarters of an existing building, surprises inevitably come up, and we are there to help deal with them as they occur. We visit your home as work progresses, keeping communication open with the builder and answering questions as needed. At the end of the project, we walk through to get one last look and resolve any outstanding issues.