Lots of deadlines approaching here at Toner Architects, so today's post will be a quick one, updating you on some ongoing work.  First, a follow-up to my previous post on star bolts.  The project that inspired it, the Colorado Street Residence (itself the subject of the post "A Tale of Two Houses", has just received its very own stars:

Already acquiring their patina of rust.

Another project that's in progress is the exit stairway at Wonderland Daycare in Southwest Philadelphia.  This project is small; just a simple landing and stairway down to the sidewalk.  Despite its size, it will be a big deal for the day care, since it will allow them to use the second floor (currently vacant) for more children.

The building needed (needs?) some TLC.

Those of you who follow Toner Architects on Facebook know that I just picked up permits from the City:

But, I didn't reveal the project.  I saved that for you, loyal blog readers.  This project is a tricky little addition on the back of a small row house on Ellsworth Street.  Because of the narrow street, a crane can't be used to deliver the materials to the third floor.  Instead, all materials will have to be delivered in front of the house and then hand-carried through the house and up some scaffolding in the back yard to make it up to the roof.  Construction starts in two weeks, so keep your eyes open for that one.

View from rear; new construction shown gray. Neighbors' properties are shown cut away, for reference.

Hmmmm. . .what else?  We had our first neighborhood meeting with the Newbold Neighbors Association to discuss the project at 1620 Reed Street.  Overall, a positive meeting.  We'll be having at least one more meeting with this group, as well as with the Concerned Citizens of Point Breeze, so expect more on that.

There are a few other projects in the works, but they're too preliminary to talk about right now.  More to come!