For this project, I was brought in by a kitchen designer who wanted to enlarge a kitchen in an existing house.  The new kitchen required an addition to the rear of the house.  We decided to expand roughly eleven feet out, doubling the size of the kitchen from 185 square feet to 370 square feet.  The addition also took the laundry room and expanded it into three spaces; laundry room, powder room, and vestibule/coat area joining the kitchen and garage.  The whole thing was designed to blend in with the existing house.  

existing floor plan

existing floor plan

new floor plan

new floor plan

I was responsible for designing the shell of the space (the exterior and interior walls, foundations, and roof) and the way it would integrate with the existing walls and roofline.  The kitchen designer produced the kitchen layout and worked with the homeowners to select cabinets, fixtures, and finishes.


Here's the image of the proposed new addition:

after construction; looks pretty much like the model

You can see two doors here. The glass one leads directly into the kitchen.  The other one leads into the powder room, for easy access from the pool that's just to the right of this photo.  The homeowners plan to replace the siding on the existing house to match the siding on the addition.

original kitchen

new kitchen

In the view of the new kitchen, you can see the beam in the ceiling where the wall used to be.  It would have been nice to make that beam go away.  One other thing that came up during construction was an unexpected foundation condition, which required some quick thinking (and drawing) on my part to solve.  Fortunately, that didn't affect anything visible in the project.

When construction is finished, I'll be posting final photos.