Well, I was out for the first "set day" on the Main Line Prefab project I wrote about in the last post.  It was a fun day.  The units arrived on Sunday, and were scattered around the project site.  There were also a few units parked around the corner.  I arrived at 9:10 am, and the first box had already been placed.  By 9:30, the second one went down.  The crew worked very quickly, attaching cables to the box, raising it and then lowering it into place, removing the cables, and securing the box to the foundations and to its neighbors.  I stuck around until about noon, and by that time five boxes were in place.

 Cheryl Allison, a reporter from the Main Line Times, attended; you can read her article and see the paper's photos and video here.  The video features Pete Maruca of Orion General Contractors.

Below is a gallery of my own photos.