I noticed this house on a recent walk down Ellsworth Street.  Let me begin by pointing out the for sale sign.  Now, I know it's not an expensive house (asking price $125,000--a modest price for the area), but couldn't someone give it a little love?

What most concerns me is the water that's constantly running down the front of the house from the third-floor window air conditioner.  This is a second- and first-floor window leak waiting to happen.  Another problem is that the wall, which almost definitely does not contain a vapor barrier, will wick moisture through to the inside causing a potential mold problem.  Under normal rain conditions, the wall would get wet and then dry out again after the rain stops.  Mold is much less likely to form under these conditions.  But constant dampness is mold's best friend.

I recommend some cleaning, some paint, and a longer condensate tube for that A/C unit.

Side notes to out-of-towners:

1) Those of you not from Philly may be a little shocked at the wiring hanging from that utility pole, but that's just how we do it around here.

2) Those of you who aren't familiar with the Philly row home paradigm may be interested to know that this house sits on a 12'x28' lot and is 576 square feet on three floors.  This puts each floor at approximately 12'x17'.  This is on the small side, but certainly not unique.